Water Disinfection Systems New Zealand
January 3, 2018
Water Filtration System for House NZ
Water Filtration Systems NZ
January 3, 2018

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of drinking water systems available out there so the question is, which drinking water system is best for you?


Each claim to have their own unique selling point or feature – or it could have multiple features such as carbon and sediment filters with reverse osmosis systems which are integrated with Ultra Violet Sterilizers.  In some cases you may need all of this equipment….or possibly more, but there is a high possibility that you may not.  Integrated systems can pose problems as they are generally designed as a one size fits all type of deal and if one piece in the chain fails, the rest of the equipment down the line could soon follow.

Purpose built/custom made systems are built to do the job, for that job.


Specifying and recommending drinking water systems is a process of elimination which means testing and analysing the water then designing a system that meets your needs and application.  Even if you have the exactly the same water as your neighbour, your drinking water system could vary in size and price as your requirements may be completely different – or it could be the same system but scaled down to suit.


There’s been a lot of drinking water system suppliers come and go – the ones with a bad reputation don’t last long in the market (some lasted longer than they ever should have!) so using reputable suppliers that have the support and back up, spare parts, customer service and are good value for money are the ones everyone likes to deal with.


A big mistake is buying on price…don’t get me wrong, I like a bargain as much as anyone else but generally you get what you pay for and what you want or don’t want in your water supply may be different to other peoples.

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