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Water treatment for Dairy Farms in New Zealand
January 3, 2018
Water treatment for Dairy Farmers in New Zealand
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January 3, 2018

A water analysis is based on a water report that has been carried out either by testing with an on-site portable type testing equipment or an accredited laboratory.

A water report can be likened to having a blood test – it gives provides me a report of all the key parameters and where a doctor or specialist may look at a blood test to analyse what parameters are lacking, exceeding or are just right, a water report and analysis is a similar process. From analysing a water report, a water treatment system can be recommended.


There are other things to take into account when recommending a water treatment system, some of these things include:


  • Flow rate of raw water supply
  • How much treated water is required.
  • To what degree does the water need to be treated to – the quality of water required for a laboratory will be completely different for water needed to wash down a yard.
  • There’s a few other things to take into account – please see my contact form for a more detailed explanation.


Some of the key things I look at in a water report may include things like pH, Iron, Manganese, Turbidity, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, UV transmission, TDS, Sodium, Chloride, Nitrate, Free Carbon Dioxide plus there’s many, many more –  for example in areas with high geo-thermal activity arsenic is tested for and coastal areas will be tested for Boron but these tests aren’t just area specific, these are just other things that need to be taken into consideration.


It’s important to also remember that most of these parameters exist in different forms so this is why water reports, analysis and treatment is a process of elimination and sometimes (most of the time) further testing is required to provide an accurate water analysis.  It’s not uncommon to install a trial water treatment system to simulate on a smaller scale at a lower flow rate, how a water treatment system will perform over time and by regular testing and analysis, this will be able to provide me the information to provide a recommendation for a water treatment system.

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